? NepSys Technology - Proponent of Super Clean Technology
Company Profile

The Company was formed in 2006 and was formerly known as Nepes Systems Pte Ltd., a JV between Nepes Corp., Korea and Singapore partners. The JV has now been dissolved but technical collaboration between the parties remain in force.

NepSys Is Committed To  Safety and is proud to be a BizSafe 3 Company.

  • Strong link with Industry
  • Technical partner owns and operates Wafer Fabs in Korea
  • This allows transfer of operating know-how to design
  • Long experience in Industry in various geographical locations
  • Access to materials and equipment in Korea, China, Singapore offering
    variety of choices in price and quality
  • Availability of powerful and state-of-the-art design tools
  • Capability to offer Turn-Key projects with Utilities and Facilities
  • Strong Project Management team with long working association
  • Fast response and decisive problem-solving capacity
Major Projects Executed

2014: AAC SensFab , Science Park Drive, Singapore.
Design and Build Class 100 Cleanroom with Facilities and Utilities ( DIW, WWTP, CDA, HVAC, Scrubber and GEx, GN2, PN2 and FMCS )

2013: Tuas Incinerator Plant, Min. Of Env., S’pore Govt. : Large and Medium Dia Specialty Pipes

2013: Philips Lumiled, Singapore, Vertex Room

2012: ClenTech Park 1, Singapore, Class 1000 Cleanroom

2012: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore: EnRi C/R and Labs

2011: Nikon, Thailand, Bangkok: Clean Manufacturing Expansion with SS Flooring and Wall Panels

2011: Inst Of Tech Education, Min. Of Education, S’pore Govt.: Stainless Steel Works

2010: Nepes Ptd Ltd, Singapore: Class 100 Cleanroom with Utilities

2009: CibaVision, Singapore: Class 100 Cleanbooth 15 units, Class 1000 Cleanroom

2008-2009: Osram Opto-Electronics Wafer Fab 3A, Penang, Malaysia 2,800 m2 Class 10 and 100 Cleanroom c/w HVAC, FMCS.

2008: UTAC. Thailand Manufacturing

2007: Siix Electronics, Batam , Indonesia, 1,000 m2 Class 1000 Cleanroom with Parts Store.

Area of Specialization

The Company specializes in Design, Construction, Testing, Certification, and Commissioning of Cleanrooms, Cleanbooths, Clean Manufacturing Environments for Electronic, Semicon, Pharma and BioSciences Industries, Research Facilities for Universities etc.

NepSys is also active in providing cost & energy-saving solutions in high-end LED ligthing systems for industrial and commercial projects, Solar Power installation etc.

Contact Us

NepSys Technology Pte Ltd

Hotline: 6100 0016
Email: sales@nepsys.com.sg
Website: www.nepsys.com.sg

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